People have died while having fun, particularly in horseback riding activities. Falling from a horse is a tragedy of its own. Falling from a horse, then it runs you over; now that is meant to be a catastrophe. Horse riding is an awfully fun activity which can because you trouble. But you should make sure that you are comfortable while riding around. Sometimes people fall just because they were uncomfortable. Then make sure that you have the right equipment.


There are many equestrian equipment and garments that you will need when you go horseback riding. If you do not have these the activity might not be as fun. They are on offer at various places so there is no need to worry about not finding them. These items are particularly meant for your personal safety as well as for the fun of it all.


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  •  Horse riding gloves
  • Protection boots,
  • Horse nunnahs
  • Polo shirts
  • Horse bridles


To keep your hands from the sure injuries they might get, the gloves from Stretton equestrian will come highly recommended. Just like when you go riding a bicycle you take a jacket with you, riding a horse should be the same case. There are so may horse riding jackets available at Stretton equestrian. I fact there is an endless list of horse riding clothes that you can purchase from Stretton.


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